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Upcoming events

    • 23 Feb 2023
    • 13:00 - 14:30 (EST)
    • Webinar

    CPAs Rebecca Thoune and Teree Castanias will help you avoid tax pitfalls with this deep dive into cooperative entity choice. Whether the entity is organized under a traditional cooperative statute, as a limited cooperative association or LLC, or as some other entity, you will learn which area of the Internal Revenue Code is most beneficial in which situation, and what areas of the Code should be avoided entirely.

Past events

26 Jan 2023 Basic Cooperative Taxation Featuring Teree Castanias and Brett Huston, CPAs
8 Dec 2022 Conversation With Dr. Karama Neal, USDA Rural Business Cooperative Service Administrator
18 Nov 2022 Cooperative Professionals Guild Nov. 18 Members Coffee Chat
17 Nov 2022 Bankruptcy: an Opportunity for Cooperative Conversions?
27 Oct 2022 CLE on Union Co-ops and Labor Law with Ariana Levinson
22 Sep 2022 Discussion of Diné Nihi Kéyah Project: Mapping Navajo Nation Land History, Law and Custom
16 Sep 2022 Join our next Members’ Coffee Chat September 16
25 Aug 2022 Federation of Southern Cooperatives’ Dãnia Davy to Give Update on Farmer Debt Relief Provision in American Rescue Plan Act
12 Aug 2022 Join our first Members’ Coffee Chat August 12
21 Jul 2022 Decolonizing the Cooperative Movement: Oral Histories from CPG Members and Friends
16 Jun 2022 Limited Cooperative Association "Deep Dive"
26 May 2022 Conceptualizing Tribal Cooperatives in their Purest Form
21 Apr 2022 Ethics and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession, Current Innovations and Limitations, Cooperatives and Just Transition Perspectives
17 Mar 2022 Community Land Trusts and Housing Cooperatives - CPG Webinar
17 Feb 2022 Platform Cooperatives: Emerging Trends, Concepts, and Best Practices
25 Jan 2022 Circle Members-only evaluation of association software
20 Jan 2022 WEBINAR - Taking Worker Cooperative Transitions to Scale with Project Equity
17 Jan 2022 Membership Circle Weekly Meetings
18 Nov 2021 New Tools to Streamline Cooperative Formation – Artisan Chocolates Case Study

The Cooperative Professionals Guild, 2023

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